By Taskmaster X

You have the ability to absorb the energy properties of characters and objects, transforming your atomic structure to match that of the energy absorbed. Using this command will cause you to approach them and trigger a power effect, after which you permanently gain the properties of the energy absorbed.

Unlike previous versions of this Attribute, using any close-range attack (either a melee attack or using a projectile or beam up close) on another character will NOT cause you to gain their properties automatically. You can only trigger this power through the ABSORB commands.

The commands that you get when targeting an object or character will depend on the energy the target is made of. For instance, lamp posts will have ABSORB_ELECTRICITY while fuel barrels will have ABSORB_FIRE. If you have both Material and Energy Absorber Attributes some objects can have more than one command. Lamp posts will have ABSORB_METAL and ABSORB_ELECTRICITY, ammo crates have ABSORB_WOOD and ABSORB_FIRE. If a character is targeted, the command that appears will depend on their material type OR the material subtype in their m25ai file. Characters can be made of more than one material by using material subtypes. Also, material subtypes override the material type so you can choose a certain material in hero file creation if its resistances and vulnerabilities match the ones you want your character to have but you want the character to really be made of another material. See the New Subtypes page for more info.

The types of energy you can absorb are: Electricity, Radiation, Energy, Fire, and Sound.


To make a character made of sound, you need to add ‘sound’ to the subtype in the m25ai file. You can assign any built-in material during character creation to simulate the characters resistances but since you have ‘sound’ in their subtype, they’ll only have an ABSORB_SOUND command on them for a Energy Absorber and not ABSORB_FLESH or ABSORB_ENERGY if that’s what you gave them. If you want them made of energy, and want the resistances and vulnerabilities the built-in Energy provides, then simply give them the built-in Energy Material and don’t add anything to the subtype.

Energy Absorbers can also absorb the energy properties of incoming attacks. If a target has any ranged energy, electrical, fire or radiation powers, then an ABSORB_ENERGY_ATTACK, ABSORB_ELECTRICAL_ATTACK, etc. command will appear on them when targeted. It’s up to the player to execute the command when the Absorber is hit by the appropriate attack from the target. If the target has ‘sonic’ in their subtype then an ABSORB_SOUND_ATTACK appears on them.

Energy Absorbers look for a special hero file when they use this power based on the characters name plus the material type in parentheses afterwards. This allows you to customize this ability to the Nth degree. When a Energy Absorber triggers an absorption, the game looks for a hero file name based on their original name with a energy tag such as '(fire)' for fire. If this hero file exists, the character will morph into it. For example, when copybot absorbs a fire enemy, he'll turn into copybot (fire), if that hero file exists. If copybot (fire) then absorbs an energy opponent he'll turn into copybot (energy). You can make the alternate forms with any abilities and powers you wish as you’re really just making another hero file the Energy Absorber ‘shapeshifts’ into. If there is no hero file to morph into then the Absorber’s material changes and they acquire certain abilities or changes, depending on the energy absorbed. All Energy forms get the Energy Material.



See the Customisation Guide for an explanation of Commands, FX and Dummy Powers.