By Dr Mike
You can interact with your environment in unusual ways through the use of a special command on your character, drawing enrgy, health or other bonuses from nearby objects or characters.
Defaults to drawing health from nearby metal objects (damaging them and restoring your own hit points), but can be customised to have other effects. This power works exactly like the passive feedback attributes such as URBAN DWELLER and METAL EATER, but must be actively triggered to take effect. Typically, the effects of this power are about ten times stronger, ie a single active absorption with default behaviour will draw the same amount of health from nearby metal as ten pulses of the passive METAL-EATER attribute would.


There's a lot of pre-made functions available to make this attribute VERY customisable.
Combining with other attributes can give interesting results, such as making a character get boosted by their own private army, or by objects they can create such as crystals or flames.

Type: The Python function used to determine which nearby objects/characters boost the character. There's a large list of pre-defined ones in there with self-explanatory names.
Effect: The effect that being boosted has on the character. Once again, they're self explanatory function names.
Object FX: An optional FX that appears around objects as they're being activated in the characters presence.
Object FX: An optional FX that appears around the character while they're being boosted.
See the page on User Functions for details.
Animation: The animation you perform when using this ability. The animation must not be interrupted for the absorption to take effect.
Command: The name of the command used to activate the absorption.