By Dr Mike
Characters with these abilities are able to release a temporary form from their bodies. While the astral form is out, the 'host' character will remain stunned and unable to act, until the astral form uses the RETURN command on the host to re-merge.

To create an astral projector character, create a main form with the ASTRAL PROJETCION attribute, and an optional secondary form that they can release with the ASTRAL FORM attribute.
If either form is KO'd, then the other one is automatically KO'd too.
To re-merge, the astral form uses the RETURN command on the host, which causes the astral form to dissappear and the host to promptly recover from their stunned state.


Command:The custom command name used to release the astral form
Astral Form:The template used for the astral form. This can be a builtin character or a custom with the ASTRAL FORM attribute, or be left blank for the default behaviour, which is to release an astral copy of the character.
Animation:The animation the character plays as they release their astral form.
FX:The FX played on releasing and re-merging.

Default Behaviour

If no astral form template is specified, then the astral form will be a special version of the character with 'astral' characteristics. They will appear semi-transparent, and be immune to all physcial attacks (but not mental or mystical ones), and can fly. In addition they are permanently power-nulled and all attacks will do zero damage - so they basically act as an intangible observer who can do little more than distract oponents.
State attacks, including stun and knockback, will take effect if the astral form uses their zero cost powers, so be careful of game balance here. For example, Ive removed the stun on Alchemiss' 'Smite the Wicked' attack for this reason - her astral form should not be able to slap and stun people - using either it or the arcane bolt will create an illusionary attack with no effect.
It would be feasible to give a character zero cost mental attacks for example, and let them use them in starl form, but pretty powerful since the astral form is so well protected by its immunity ot physical effects.