By Taskmaster X

A character with the Battle Computer Attribute allows him to study a target's combat manuevers and store them so he can use the data to fight better against that foe.

The character gets five slots to store enemies. Any of these slots can be filled at the beginning of a mission and the character can fill empty slots or overwrite existing slots during a mission. When one of these targets get within range, the Battle Computer gives the character a +2 to agility and two customizable powers (created in FFEdit) with the appropriate commands on the targets that are in the database to use them on. The two powers are meant to simulate the character's existing powers but with higher Stun, Swiftness, Accuracy, Magnitude, etc. to show that they have a greater effect against targets that are in the Battle Computer database. When they are out of range the bonuses are canceled. The range is customizable. The Agility bonus will only be applied if the target is in a normal state, to help minimize the character getting a bonus against other foes.

When the "Add Target to Battle Computer" command is used on a target not in the Battle Computer, you need to right-click them again to get a new set of commands that show the five slots and any targets in those slots. You then click on the slot you want the target to be placed in. It takes 10 seconds for the target to be studied and then loaded into the database. If during these 10 seconds, the target gets out of range, or the character with the Battle Computer uses any powers that cost Energy, OR, gets Stunned, Paniked, Exiled, or any other Primary State, the Computer fails and you have to try again. The Battle Computer needs all the Energy available to study the target, so that's why no Energy can be used during these 10 seconds.

You get messages on-screen telling you that the target is being studied and when it successfully adds the target to the database. You also get messages when the Battle Computer fails and to try again.


To customize this attribute you'll need to open the file and look for the FFX_BATTLECOMPUTER_CUSTOM section. You create another line below the line that begins with "types", and add your customizations in the appropriate places. First would be the name of the character with the Battle Computer attribute and follow it with the names of the hero files or built-in templates you want to already be in the database at the beginning of the mission and the number is the range at which the Battle Computer can detect the target.

Here's an example line:

### Battle Computer
["types","UDatabase Entry1","UDatabase Entry2","UDatabase Entry3","UDatabase Entry4","UDatabase Entry5","iRadius","CCommand1","sPower1","CCommand2","sPower2"],
["wiz-kid","bad-boy","bully","bad-girl","bad-dog","",300,"FAST PUNCH","beetle_fastpunch","ELECTRO-BITE","beetle_electrobite"],

The name of the hero with the Battle Computer Attribute is wiz-kid. The names of the hero files that he has in his database are bad-boy, bully, bad-girl, and bad-dog with the last slot empty. 300 is the range the computer can detect targets. FAST_KICK and FAST_PUNCH are commands that appear only on the targets that are in the database, while fast_kick and fast_punch are the names of the powers in FFEdit.