By Dr Mike
You can boost the intensity of your powers for 30 seocnds, but spend the next 30 seconds after that severely weakened before you can boost again.


You can create a powerful electrical explosion around yourself, but doing so drains you of all energy temporarily.


You can make yourself immune to all damage for the next 30 seconds, but doing so halves your health points. You cna't become unstoppable again for 30 seconds.

All these powers use the same underlying mechanics - you get a special command on youself. Using it will produce a customised and potentially very powerful result, but also comes at a costy in the form of a side-effect. These are used to represent powers that you only use in times of desperation.


Command: The command name used to call on your 'feat' power
Function: The effect of the power, as described through a Python function name. See the list below.
SideEffect: The side-effect that using the power incurs, once again a Python function.
Power: A power that you use in the special function. Use varies with the function you choose.
Parameter: A second parameter required by some functions.

Feat functions

Side effects