By Dr Mike
Characters with this attribute rely on certain conditions to be met, or suffer an unpleasant side effect.
The default behaviour of this attribute is to be powered by tapping off the city's electrical grid - if the character strays too far from the nearest streetlight or fusebox they start losing health.
Objects that are being 'fed' off can display themselves visually - in the default set up the contributing streetlights and fuseboxes show some small electrical activity.


Target Type: The type of object required by the character. This is actually the name of a Python fucntion, and so can be extended by modders for their own use.
Effect: The effect that the dependency has on the character if not satisfied. Another Python function.
Character FX: An optional FX played on the character when they're experiencing the side effects of their dependency.
Object FX: Optional FX to play on contributing objects while the dependency is being supported.

See Detrimental Effects User Functions for further details of customisation.