By Dr Mike
Characters with this ability are made out of a homogenous mass of material, such as jelly, modular nanotechnology, liquid metal or vegetable matter. While they can be temporarily dispersed, they are very hard to put down permanently.

Your initial health is halved. When the character is knocked out, they will disperse violently and seemingly dissappear for a few seconds, before reforming somewhere nearby, with two-thirds of their maximum health restored. This process continues unitl their maximum health falls below twenty, at which point their regenerative powers have been exhausted for several hours, and they are considered fully KO'd.


Recover Animation:The animation the character plays on reforming
Disperse FX:The FX played when the character loses their final HP and disperses
Reform FX:The FX played on the character as they reform after dispersing
Damage FX:An Optional FX to play whenever the chatacter takes damage, to simulate chunks of their matter being blown away

See the Customisation Guide for an explanation of Commands, FX and Dummy Powers.