By Épiméthée

Higher beings watch over you, ready to act if you're on the verge of falling.
When you reach a low health level, allies will appear temporarily to help you fight.

Please note that a killing blow doing more than 19 in damage will not trigger the power there should be a way to defeat the character without undue trouble! Getting low health multiple times through the use of hero points, self-healing, etc. doesn't activate the power a second time. Duration is inversely proportional to prestige value of summoned characters; summons of more than 96,000 total prestige cost disappear almost instantly.


Summons: A Python list of every summoned character.
Ex.: ["order_neutral", "cop", "cop", "cop", "cop", "cop"] will summon an AI-controlled Order and 5 cops.
FX on: The FX that plays when activated.
FX off: The FX that plays when wears off.
Message: Optional message when the power is triggered.
Ex.: Mission_StatusText('Help!') simply displays "Help!" in the message area, while cshelper.sayDynamic('eve','SPEECH_EV_ALERT_01') shows Eve's head while she speak the line "Gaia protect us!".