By Dr Mike
You can control the very Earth itself.
Characters with this ability gain the same abilities as a telekinetic character, but can only lift and throw stone objects remotely. The TK LIFT command will only appear on objects made from stone.

In addition, they gain the ability to manipulate the earth offensivley and defensively.
All characters in the level have two extra commands:
SPIKE - creates an earth spike directly below the character, causing piercing damage and throwing them in the air (and anyoen else nearby). The earth spike attack can be avoided if the character is moving, as it takes time for the spike to form.
EARTH WALL - a row of stalagmites appear between the user and the target, effectively blocking the target from reaching the user and sometimes blocking ranged attacks.


Lift Dummy Power:Power used when lifting an object - purely for FX and animation purposes
Throw Dummy Power:Power used when throwing an object - purely for FX and animation purposes
Move Dummy Power:Power used when moving an object - purely for FX and animation purposes
Special Dummy Power:Power used when creating earth spikes or eathwalls - purely for FX and animation purposes

See the Customisation Guide for an explanation of Commands, FX and Dummy Powers.


Earth Control has been updated to use the Group Flight command. When the Earth Controller uses this command nearby allies made of stone will be given buoyancy. They'll automatically stay with the user until the user uses the Land Group command. The more allies you carry, the slower the group(including the Earth Controller) will move (-1 Speed for every two carried) and also the Earth Controller's Energy will decrease -1 for every ally carried. This is a great new ability for getting the non-flying allies to the battle with the rest of the team, or off the rooftops where they can't get off and join the battle.
Also, totalMass has been added to Telekinetic, Earth Control and Magnetic. This keeps track of the total amount of weight the user has lifted into the air from objects lifted and any allies lifted for Group Flight. The character's total mass lifted can't exceed the Attribute's maxMass limit.