By Dr Mike
Energy shields allow the user to absorb some or all of the damage from an incoming attack into their energy. This is beneficial in that the energy points can be quickly regenerated, but can leave the character vulnerbale and unable to fight back if repeatedly attacked.

When a character with an energy shield takes damage, then the damage absorbed is equal to their current energy points divided by five. They lose this amount of energy and take whatever is left directly to their health.

A passive energy shield is active at all times.

An active energy shield must be activated (like a normal Active Defence) by using the ENERGY SHIELD command on the character or their portrait. It will be visible and last for around 20 seconds. Unlike a standard Active Defence, the character can move freely and attack without compromising their shield.


Passive energy shields cannot be customised.

Shield FX:FX used to indicate that the shield is active
Damage FX:Optional FX for when the shield takes damage
Animation:Animation used when activating the shield

See the Customisation Guide for an explanation of Commands, FX and Dummy Powers.