By Dr Mike
A special area attack, this attribute allows the character to literally blow themselves up, doing considerable damage to everything around them. The downside is that the character dissappears, and takes a few seconds to reform.

In game, the character gains an EXPLODE menu command on themselves or their portrait. Clicking this causes them to activate their explosion power before dissappearing. The character will automatically reform up to a few metres from the explosion point in a random direction.


Animation:The animation the character plays prior to exploding
Area Power:The actual exploding power that causes damage etc.
Reforming Effect:The FX played on the character as they reform after exploding.
Command:The name of the command used to trigger the explosion.
Intensity:Setting this greater than 1 will cause the character to produce a more violent explosion (more damage and larger radius), but the character will take some damage themselves in doing so. Don't set above 5, it gets capped to this value in game anyway. The default value of zero indicates no damage to the character.

See the Customisation Guide for an explanation of Commands, FX and Dummy Powers.