FFX Flight attributes are divided into those that give the character flight capabilities and those that don't, thus allowing a mix and match system where you can incorporate multiple effects into the character's flight.

For example, if you want a character who can fly much faster than their land speed, but requires energy to do so, buy both LIMITED FLIGHT and FAST FLIER, or even combine them into a combo called ROCKET BOOTS.


Flight Bonus Attributes

The following attributes require either FLIGHT, LEVITATION, or one of the above FFX attributes to work correctly, and add extra capabilities to the character whilst flying. As a result they're pretty cheap to buy compared to flight itself.


By C4

When you fly or levitate, you can see all characters on the map. Requires FLIER or LEVITATE to work.


By Dr Mike

When you fly, you do so at greater speeds than the average airborne superhero. When flying, you receive a speed bonus of 3.


By C4

Rewritten for FFX 3.2 When you fly, you automatically generate a protective shield. When you land and this shield disperses, you create an explosion around you.



By Apfarmakis

Characters with Human Rocket ignore there speed attribute when flying, but take a speed identical to the grade of Human Rocket taken instead. This is meant for slow characters who are very fast in the air. It is available in grades ranging from 10 to 25.


Based on an idea by IPS

You are more agile in the air, and gain a +3 agility bonus whilst flying.


By Taskmaster X

When you fly, you create a tornado beneath you that repels anything or anyone that isn't bolted down nearby.


You can customize the color of the whirlwind in FFX Control Center:


Lesser Flight Attributes

The following attributes give the character the ability to fly, but with various limitations or extra effects. As a result, their cost incorporates the base cost of flight, minus a discount depending on the limitations placed on the character's flight.


By Épiméthée

You can hover into the air to avoid melee combat, but moving while in the air will force you to land.


By Épiméthée

You fly, but only for a short while, around 8 seconds. After this you will land automatically until you take to the air again.


By Épiméthée

You can fly, but it uses up energy. When you have less than one bar of energy left, you're forced to land.


By Épiméthée

You can only travel through the air for a very short while (4 seconds) and cover a very short maximum distance (around 250 units). Ropeswinging is activated using the FLY TO command, and whilst swinging, you're out of melee range, just like a flying character.


By Épiméthée

You can fly. Your means of flying or levitating rely on reducing your mass until you become lighter than the air, making you more vulnerable to knockback while in flight.