By Dr Mike
Characters with this attribute are able to take others along for the ride when they use a teleport power (which must be purchased sepaartely for this attribute to work).

The character can control whether or not to bring friendly or hostile units along, using the INCLUDE/EXCLUDE ALLIES and INCLUDE/EXCLUDE FOES commands on themselves. When allies are included in any subsequent teleport, this is indicated by red triangles at the character's feet, and the inclusion of foes is denoted by opposing blue triangles.
At the start of a mission neither state is active until the character uses the INCLUDE ALLIES or INCLUDE FOES commands.
Whenever the character teleports, foes and allies within a small radius nearby will follow them, keeping the same position relative to the teleporter. Each character transported costs the teleporter 5 energy points, and overspending energy this way can stun the teleporter.


Teleport FX:An effect which plays on every character who teleports around the central group teleporter.

See the Customisation Guide for an explanation of Commands, FX and Dummy Powers.