By Dr Mike
You can create non-physical illusions that distract opponents.
Using the CAST ILLUSION command (or other specified) will create a semi-transparent character near the target, which will then appear to attack the target, and cause them to fight back usually.


Dummy Power:The power triggered for animation and FX when casting an illusion.
Command:The custom command name used to cast an illusion
Template:The template used for the illusions. If left blank, this will default to a copy of the caster, which is the standard behaviour.

Illusion characters

Illusions always appear as semi-transparent. They are immune to all physcial attacks (but not mental or mystical ones). In addition they are permanently power-nulled and all attacks will do zero damage - so they basically act as an intangible distraction.
State attacks, including stun and knockback, will take effect if the illusion uses their zero cost powers, so be careful of game balance here. For example, Ive removed the stun on Alchemiss' 'Smite the Wicked' attack for this reason - her illusions should not be able to slap and stun people - using either it or the arcane bolt will create an illusionary attack with no effect.
An interesting possibility is to give the illusions low grade panic melee attacks - to represent the fact that they just freak people out, especially the weak-minded ones.
Quetzalcoatl can also buy a customised version of this attribute which summons ghostly dinosaurs, partly because I thought it would look cool, but mostly because his zero cost attacks incorporate stun and other state effects, and I thought that would make him too powerful.
Last point of note - illusions also get a single health point, so any attack that can affect them (eg mental damage swaps) will immediately dispel them.