By Dr Mike
Characters with this attribute house another character (or more- up to three) inside them. This 'inner' character can be released using a custom command, either as an NPC or controllable character if there are spare slots on the team. WHen the inner being gets KO'd, the command to respawn them returns on the main character. When the main character gets KO'd the inner being(s) instantly fall.


Animation: The animation played when releasing an inner being
FX: The FX played on the character as they release an iner being
Inner Being#1 - #3:Builtin or custom templates used for the inner beings (or left blank to not use a slot).
If there are no slots available for the inner being to occupy on the team, then they will appear as an NPC fighting alongside the host. If a portrait slot is free, they appear as a controllable character.
Command #1 - #3:Custom command names used to summon the inner beings. These pair up with the three potential forms.