By Dr Mike
Characters with this power can transform into a beam attack, combining the effects of teleportation with an offensive power. The power can be triggered as a custom command on any character or object in the level.
When triggered, the character will fire off a beam attack, dissappear in a flash of light and shortly afterwards reform where the beam connected.
The beam attack comes free with the power, hence the relatively high cost of this attribute. It cannnot be used without teleporting, of course. If you wish to do so, buy a similar looking beam attack through the usual channnels.

FFX 3.2 Update!

Living Laser has been updated to allow it to be used with Chained Projectiles.


Power: The actual beam or projectile power launched when the character use this ability.
Start Effect: The FX played when the character triggers this power and disperses into a beam.
Reform Effect: The FX played when the character reforms to normal at the other end of the beam.
Command: The Command used to Trigger the power. (Note that the power name can be copied in here to display the powers name as a command).

See the Customisation Guide for an explanation of Commands, FX and Dummy Powers.