By Dr Mike
Performs a customisable change in the characters behaviour, as determined by their energy levels. Defaults to varying their strength and speed like a combination of the two below. The characters overall physical performance is tied to their energy levels.


Characters with this attribute will find their strength levels fluctuating with their energy levels. At full energy, the character gets a +2 Strength bonus, at zero energy they get a -1 penalty.


Characters with this attribute find their speed fluctuating with their energy levels. This affects both the speed andd agility stats so as well as moving faster, a character with a full tak will find it easier to dodge melee and projectile attacks.
At zero energy, a character drops to half their normal speed and agility - at full enrgy they get a +4 bonus to each.


Bonus Type: The type of bonus received at higher energy levels. See Bonus User Functions for details.
Optional FX: An FX to play on the character at their highest energy levels.