By Dr Mike

You develop random superpowers at the drop of a hat!
MUTATORs have two 'power cycles' - a primary and secondary one consisting of mainly offensive and mainly defensivce powers. These both update eevry 40 seconds or so, and out of phase with each other, effectively giving you a gradual change of powers every 20 seconds. At each refresh, a new random power is picked from the list, always different to the existing one. You are notified by the Mission Status bar, with messages like 'PLANT CONTROL ACTIVATING' or 'FLAME POWERS FADING'
Characters with this attribute can be very unpredictable to play obviously, and are often hazardous to their team-mates, but prove to be a lot of fun despite this. The current list of powers is by no means comprehensive, but should be enough to throw up constant surprises for now...

Primary Power Cycle

Secondary Power Cycle