By Dr Mike

This attribute has no effect until the character comes across another character with this attribute or another specific characteristic. They will then suffer a negative effect (defaults to POWER NULLIFIED) if they go too close to the other character.


Target Type: The characteristic of the target which triggers the parasitic behaviour.
Effect: The penalty you suffer when within distance of a target of the selected type.
Character FX: An FX which plays while you suffer from the state
Object FX: An FX which plays on the target object for the duration.
Radius:The maximum range at which the effect gets triggered.
Exclusive to:The exact name of a template having the parasite attribute. This will prevent the effect from happening with any other parasite template, except the one you specify.

Note: Originally introduced in FFX 2.4 (updated by Épiméthée, based on a request by IPS).