By Dr Mike
Characters with this ability get a single (or group) of minions along for the ride at the start of each mission.
The number of minions is calculated from the grade of the power (10000pts per grade), and divided by the prestige cost of each minion. So Grade 1 will buy a single 10000pt minion, or three 3300pt ones, and so on.
The minions will act of their own accord, targetting any hostile units nearby. The commanding player controlled character can also give them simple orders through the TARGET command, which sets them after a particular opponent, or the GATHER command on themsleves, which causes all minions to flock to them.


Minion: The template for the given minion type. This can be a built-in template or the name of a custom character.
Minion2, Minion3, Minion4, Minion5, Minion6: These can be left empty to get a homogenous army of minions, otherwise, each minion is chosen from the list at random until the overall prestige total exceeds the limit for your attribute.
Say you make two minion types, a 3000pt 'BodyGuard' and a 5000pt 'SuperGuard', and have Private Army Grade 1, you might end up with: If you specify the character's name, the private army consists of copies of the character - particularly useful with the GROUP MIND attribute.


By Yellow Lantern
Private Army has been updated to have six Template Slots.