By Épiméthée

Your extra-sensorial perceptions allow you to detect places which might be dangerous or important and to guess what your enemies' position will be in a few seconds.

Of course, precognitive powers are notoriously unreliable.


Detection of "dangerous or important places" simply read positional markers from the mission.dat file (what did you expect?) This should work with most mods and Danger Room missions. However, maps from the main FF campaign (either in campaign mode or while replaying a campaign episode in the Danger Room) usually won't have a readable mission.dat (see details in In these cases, only characters and projectiles potential futures positions are shown.

This attribute was done to test Stumpy's wonderful datfiles module.


FX: The FX that plays when you're tracking. Command: The command name used to trigger the scan.

For modders

You can capture players triggering this power by setting missionobjvar.Mission_SetVar('ffq_precognitiveCS', 'functionName') where "functionName" is a user-defined function with the character using the precognitive power as parameter. Ex.:
missionobjvar.Mission_SetVar('ffq_precognitiveCS', 'senseOminousEvent')
will call
Important: after calling your function, reset missionobjvar.Mission_SetVar('ffq_precognitiveCS', '') to avoid triggering your function more than once.