By Dr Mike
A useful defensive and offensive power, this allows the character to turn into a high velocity sand storm that causes mild abrasive damage to anyone caught in it. The character changes by selecting the TURN TO SAND menu item on themselves (or their portrait), and will then become a white swirling cloud for up to 10 seconds. Whilst gaseous, they are immune to all attacks and cannot be hurt, and cause a low damage piercing attack to all characters around them. Using any other power will immediately switch the character back into normal mode.

While in sand storm mode, the character will have difficulty in staying in one spot, and may move around if left unattended.

Unlike the similar GASEOUS FORM and ICE CLOUD powers, SAND STORM actually causes damage to buildings and objects.
It can be useful for triggering explosions, say on the mushrooms in the underground Shadow levels of the original campaign, since the character will be immune to the damage themselves.