By Dr Mike
Characters with these attributes are able to switch between a variety of forms, each with their own powers and stats. Health, energy and hero points are shared between forms and recalculated proportionally to each form in the case of health.
Each form is designed as a separate character in either the FFEdit program or the Character Screen in Freedom Force.
The character's normal form is given the SHAPECHANGER attribute and the other forms can be given the TEMPORARY FORM attribute since they are not playable as characters in their own right.



Effect: The effect played when turning back into the main character from a temporary form
Animation: The animation the character plays whilst changing shape
COMMAND: This will be the command that the character's temporary forms use to turn back into the default SHAPESHIFTER form.
Form1 to Form6: A list of temporary forms that the character can assume. Form2 to Form6 are optional. The droplists here will automatically detect any characters who are TEMPORARY FORMS.


Effect: The effect played when turning into this temporary form
Animation: The animation the character plays whilst changing shape
COMMAND: The command used to assume this TEMPORARY FORM.
Revert Trigger: A state that can trigger the temporary form back to normal. Defaults to isNever so this never happens. See the Query User Functions guide for details.

See the Customisation Guide for an explanation of Commands, FX and Dummy Powers.

Using a custom SHAPESHIFTER in a campiagn

To use a shapeshifter, just recruit the main form. Make sure you don't delete the .hero files for the temporary forms, as these are required for the character to function correctly. During a campaign, you can level up the temporary form by quitting the game and buying extra powers for the custom character - whether you choose to cheat or not is your own business :)