By Dr Mike, copying and pasting C4's code

You can shift into high gear and go into a 'perma-sprint' mode, where you can attack, but suffer from a secondary effect for the duration of the mode.
Use the HIGH GEAR command to activate this state, and return to normal using the LOW GEAR command.


Start FX: A Resources tab FX that plays when you enter the faster state
Speed FX: An FX which loops on your character whilst in the faster state
End FX: An FX which plays when you resume a normal state
Start Command:The name of the command used to enter the faster state.
Stop Command:The name of the command used to exit the faster state.

Side Effect:A side effect occuring while this attribute is active.

Note: Originally introduced in FFX 2.4 (updated by Épiméthée, based on a request by Gremlin).