By Dr Mike

This attribute allows a character to create a limited number of spell which can be stored and then used for a limited number of times before dissappearing.

To create a spell use the custom commands on a character to string together a series of three components. Once all three are selected, a power will be created and usable by a new custom command. It is wise to have several of these ready before entering into acutal combat.

Possible Components:



On self
Around self
On others
Around others

Possible Spells:

Flaming Aura: a flame explosion that hits all around your character

Cobalt Shell: an ice shield that protects against heat, cold, and energy

Mass Increase: increase the character's strength and weight

Levitate: give the character limited flight

Mental Mirror: an empathic shield that reflects damage

Mind Halt: shield the character's mind from attack

Swift Heal: heal self

Motion Stop: defense against physical attack

Infernal Wave: a heat explosion damages all around the target

Cold Spell: a cold explosion damages all around the target

Earthly Pull: increase gravity around the target

Reverso: reverse gravity around the target

Fear Wave: cause panic around the target

Soothing Wave: cause mental blank around the target

Motion Wave: increase the speed of all around the target

Time Wave: freeze time around the target

Firey Curse: burn the target

Freezing Curse: encase the target in ice

Weighty Curse: increae the target's weight to excessive levels

Lunar Curse: make the target weightless and helpless

Terror Curse: panic the target

Soothing Hex: mentally blank the target

Motion Blur: excellerate the target

Time Stop: cause the target to freeze in place