By Dr Mike
Characters with this ability can create temporary minions to fight for them.
Up to three different minion types can be created, each with a corresponding command to bring them into being.
The lifespan of a minion depends on the grade to which this power is bought, and the prestige cost of the minion.
Minions are summoned using special commands on any other character - the minion will then target that enemy until they are KO'd, at which point it moves on to any other hostile units nearby.

New in FFX 3.2: Summoner (Grade 4), added by Stumpy.


Dummy Power:The power used to give FX and animation to the summoning process
Disperse FX:An effect to play on minions as they disperse upon reaching the end oftheir lifespan
Minion1:The first minion type that can be summoned. This should be the name of a character template as seen in FFEdit or the name of a hero file if you're summoning custom characters. (Remember to keep the capitalisation the same as the filename)
Command1:The corresponding command for summoning the first minion type.
Minion2:Optional second minion type
Command2:The corresponding command for summoning the second minion type.
Minion3:Optional third minion type
Command3:The corresponding command for summomning the third minion type.
Scheme:Currently there are three options available here, which describe how the created minions interact with the user:

This attribute can produce some very versatile effects - example characters provided use it to summon tornados and illusions as well as actual physical minions.

See the Customisation Guide for an explanation of Commands, FX and Dummy Powers.