By Dr Mike
The four attributes listed here are in fact identical, differing only in their default customisations.
In all cases, the character is somehow boosted by the presence of certain nearby objects, be it characters in a specific state or certain types or material types of prop objects.


Characters with this attribute are able to psychically feed off the presence of other enraged characters nearby.
Their movement speed and agility increase with the number of enraged characters nearby, and energy points are drawn from the enraged victims.


Characters with this attribute leech health off nearby metal objects when damaged, to repair themselves. If they remain in the presence of a metal object whilst damaged (or character) they can completely destroy it.


Characters with this attribute gain energy more quickly when in the presence of other characters who are energised.

*NEW in V2.4!
A couple of new functions have been added to simulate the Black Bullet's power. isNotSpeedster returns true if a character is superfast (Speed characteristic is 8 or less). antiSpeedAura takes all the non-speedsters and exiles them for a few seconds - the result being that all non-speedsters in the map become exiled. The side effect of the antiSpeedAura is that if no suitable targets are present (ie no speedsters are around) the character fades away.
If you're looking to simulate any other "Death-for-superspeedsters" characters, this is how.


Characters with this attribute gain strength and invulnerability (like the INVULNERABILITY attribute) in the presence of objects with the 'building' template- making them much more effective on city maps than wilderness ones. They'll also start to lose their physical prowess if you knock enough buildings down... )


There's a lot of pre-made functions available to make this attribute VERY customisable. If you want an alien psychic who mental blanks victims and leeches energy off them - you've got it (even combine with ENERGY TANKS to unlock a few high cost powers...).
If you want a mountain man who gets stronger in the presence of trees, you've got it.
Combining with other attributes can give interesting results, such as making a character get boosted by their own private army, or by objects they can create such as crystals or flames.

Type: The Python function used to determine which nearby objects/characters boost the character. There's a large list of pre-defined ones in there with self-explanatory names.
Effect: The effect that being boosted has on the character. Once again, they're self explanatory function names.
Object FX: An optional FX that appears around objects as they're being activated in the characters presence.
Object FX: An optional FX that appears around the character while they're being boosted.
See the page on Beneficial Effects User Functions for details.