By Dr Mike


By Dr Mike
You can pick up, move and throw objects remotely, through sheer mind-power or some other energy source.

Both these attributes add a TK LIFT command to most objects in the level, depending on their mass. TELEKINETIC characters can lift approximately 250kg, whereas SUPERTELEKINETIC characters are able to lift nearly any object in the game.
(Characters with EARTH CONTROL or MAGNETIC have the same lifting capacity as a SUPERTELEKINETIC, but are limited to objects of a specific material type.)
Once an object is TK LIFT-ed, it will float in the air, awaiting further manipulation. If the controlling character moves far enough away (about one city block), the objects will follow.
Three more commands become available to the TELEKINETIC character once an object is lifted:
If the controlling character gets stunned, hypnotised, exiled, or enters any other Primary State, they lose control of any objects they were 'holding'.
Sometimes an object in a confined space will fail to lift. It is worth trying again, often the object will lift at a second attempt.


Lift Dummy Power:Power used when lifting an object - purely for FX and animation purposes
Throw Dummy Power:Power used when throwing an object - purely for FX and animation purposes
Move Dummy Power:Power used when moving an object - purely for FX and animation purposes


Telekinetic has been updated to use the Group Flight command. When the Telekinetic character uses this command nearby allies will be given buoyancy and have a TK bubble FX placed on them. They'll automatically stay with the user until the user uses the Land Group command. The more allies you carry, the slower the group(including the Telekinetic) will move (-1 Speed for every two carried) and also the Telekinetic's Energy will decrease -1 for every ally carried. This is a great new ability for getting the non-flying allies to the battle with the rest of the team, or off the rooftops where they can't get off and join the battle.
Also, totalMass has been added to Telekinetic, Earth Control and Magnetic. This keeps track of the total amount of weight the user has lifted into the air from objects lifted and any allies lifted for Group Flight. The character's total mass lifted can't exceed the Attribute's maxMass limit.