By Dr Mike
Characters with this attribute can perform a special SCAN command on themselves, which adds a yellow arrow (as used for secondary objective items) to every bad guy in the level for about 10 seconds.

In FFX V2.4 you can now get a strong visual change over the level, as if seeing through the character's enhanced senses! If you haven't already played Tales of the Navigator, get it now - its got the prototype 'radar sense' code in it, and will feature a few more neat ideas using this power.


Animation:The animation the character performs when scanning
Scanning FX:The FX played when scanning occurs
Command:The command used to trigger a scan
FX1: An optional FX to play on all scanned targets for the duration of the scan.
FX2: A second optional FX to play on all scanned targets.
Direct: The direct (ie directional) light applied to the level during the scan, from 0 to 100. Set to -1 to not change the direct lighting level.
Ambient: The ambient (ie even lighting) applied, from 0 to 100. Set to -1 to not change the ambient lighting level.
Red,Green,Blue: The colour of light applied to the level during the scan, specified from 0 to 255 for each component. If these are all zero, the level lighting colour is retained.
Apply FX to: A function determining who gets the extra FX specified in the fields above. The function names available are pretty self-explanantory - choose one of them.

See the Customisation Guide for an explanation of Commands, FX and Dummy Powers.

For modders (new in FFX 2.5)

You can capture players triggering this power by setting missionobjvar.Mission_SetVar('ffx_telepathyCS', 'functionName') where "functionName" is a user-defined function with the character using the precognitive power as parameter. Ex.:
missionobjvar.Mission_SetVar('ffx_telepathyCS', 'senseOminousEvent')
will call
Important: after calling your function, reset missionobjvar.Mission_SetVar('ffx_telepathyCS', '') to avoid triggering your function more than once.