By Dr Mike
Characters with this attribute transmute inanimate objects in a variety of ways by altering the atomic composition.

The following commands are available:
TURN TO LEAD/TURN TO ALUMINIUM: Useable on any throwable object. Increases the mass and resilience of the object significantly, or reduces them in the case of aluminium.
NEON VAPOR: Useable on any prop. Evaporates the object progressively by turning it into a harmless gas, at which point the object is destroyed.
CHLORINE CLOUD: Useable on metal props. Evaporates the object and creates an acid burn attack around the object.
MAGNESIUM FLARE: Useable on streetlights. Creates a brillaint flash that stuns anyone nearby temporarily.
Useable on fire hydrants, water towers and other water-holding objects. By turning the object to sodium it explodes violently in contact with the water, causing a large heat explosion.
COPPER: Useable on electrical machinery - turns the insides to highly conducting copper and causes an electrical explosion repeatedly around the object
HYDROGEN CLOUD: Useable on chemical drums (barrels, tnt crates etc.) and rock objects (boulders, sand piles etc)- evaporates the objects but leaves flammable clouds behind that can be ignited. The clouds disperse after about 15 seconds.
URANIUM BOMB: Useable on chemical drums, creates a delayed radiation explosion.
RARE MINERAL: Useable on rock objects - turns the object into a glowing green mineral - deadly to those with the VULNERABILITY attribute in its standard form.
Other characters can NOT be transmuted, but remember thatthis is avialable through the transmutation attack state. As with many attributes, this does not provide all the powers you'd expect, say, Firestorm or Element Lad to display, and you'll need to buy a few powers such as an Acid Burn direct, Ignition, Transmutation and Crystallisation attacks to get the full feel of the character.


Dummy Power: The ranged power used for animation and FX by the character.

Special customisations:

This power can be customised by modifying the array in (or for mods). Each entry in the array is a list of the Command name, the type of objects it works on, and the function to call when the transmutation is performed.
The material type can be 'all' - applies to all props, 'solid' - applies to anything NOT made out of fire or energy or air material types, 'metal' for metal props only, or a single template or list of prop templates to use.
The function called must take two arguments: the object being transmuted and the character doing the transmutation. If you do add custom transmutation commands, call the function OnTransmute to get the character performing their animation and FX, checking for adequate EP and so on. Have a look at the code for OnIncMass for an example of how to do this.