By Dr Mike

Characters with this attribute come equipped with a number of special gadget arrows for special occasions, like many of the common archer characters in comics.

At the start of the mission, six arrows will spawn around the character. Three can be equipped for the mission using the EQUIP command (to represent the character loading up back at base.) Once a third arrow has been chosen, the remaining ones vanish. Each can be used three times per mission.

SMOKE ARROW: Creates a explosive blinding cloud when fired.
EXPLOSIVE MINE: Generates a heat explosion on impact.
NET ARROW: Causes stasis on the target.
TRANQUILISER ARROW: Causes stun and acid burn to represent a tranquiliser poison.
BOXING GLOVE ARROW: Low damage crushing attack with stun and knockback.
BOOMERANG ARROW: Chained homing arrow causing piercing damage and stun in targets.

Obviously, full trick archers will be able to back these abilities up with some other attacks bought as powers in the normal way (say a basic piercing arrow and some commonly used trick ones). These are intended as either mission-specific perks or gadgets that the character uses occasionally but doesn't lean on for regular combat.

Note: Originally introduced in FFX 2.x.