By Dr Mike
Characters with this attribute are typical gadgeteers, and always have a trick or two to pull out for special occasions.
At the start of the mission, six little items will spawn around the character. Three of these items can be equipped for the mission using the EQUIP command (to represent the character loading up on some special supplies back at base.) Once a third item has been chosen, the remaining items vanish. Each can be used only a small number of times per mission.

SMOKE BOMB: Choosing this gives the character three uses of a smoke bomb grenade power, doing blind and stun damage.
LIMPET MINE: Choosing this gives the character four mini-mines which can be placed on any object via a DROP MINE command. (They won't follow the object if it moves, however). When one or more mine is placed, the character gets a DETONATE command to set them off, causing a large heat explosion. The placed mines are physical objects, and will go off by themselves if damaged.
MED-PACK: Can be used to administer first aid. This will cure a character of either acid burn or irradiation or both, or heal a few HP back if they're not afflicted by either state.
HANDCUFFS: Can be used twice to place a victim in stasis. The cuffs are applied via a slow, low accuracy melee attack, so are best used on victims who are already stunned and therefore unable to dodge.
LASER TORCH: A two-use heat beam with very short range and low accuarcy, and therefore not a great deal of use in combat, but good for taking down stubborn prop objects.
SCANNER: Provides a few uses of the ENHANCED SENSES type scan, that pinpoints enemies in the level.

Obviously, full 'utility belt' adventurers will be able to back these abilities up with some other attacks bought as powers in the normal way. These are intended as either mission-specific perks or gadgets that the character uses occasionally but doesn't lean on.