By Dr Mike
Characters with this attribute have a few weapons at the start of each level, and can carry more than one weapon on their person, unlike the average character in FFX.

The weapons drawn behave exactly like the special weapons built in to FFX for all players to use as found in the BASE OF EVIL level- they get dropped when the character is stunned, they have afixed number of charges, and so on.

This attribute basically gives the character 'holsters' to hold the weapons in.
At the start of a mission, all weapons are holstered, and can be drawn using the command specified.
Once a weapoin is drawn, the character gets the SHEATHE command to put it back in their holster. Holstered weapons do not get dropped when the holder is stunned.
If a character draws one weapon while holding another, they immediately drop the weapon they're holding, where it can be picked up by someone else, similarly weapons can be DISARMed when held as per usual.
All weapons brought in by the character start with the maximum number of shots for their type. The number of shots is persisted between being dropped, holstered, drawn and so on.
When the weapon-bearer is KO'd, any remaining weapons they have holstered are dropped for others to use.


Command #1: The command used to draw the first weapon and make it active.
Weapon #1: The template name of the first weapon available. This must be set up properly as a weapon under FFX.
Command and Weapon #2 and #3: As above for the other two slots.