By Dr Mike
Characters with this attribute are able to control the weather.
You start with a SUMMON STORM command on yourself, which will cause the weather to worsen and the sky to darken noticable.
While the storm last, you can intensify it considerably with either the HAILSTORM or LIGHTNING STORM commands.

HAILSTORM will cause giant hailstones to fall from the sky around the character (but not close enough to damage them), causing cold damage to anyone nearby when they land.
LIGHTNING STORM causes lightning to strike around the character in a similar pattern, doing electrical damage.

The storms are hard to control, and may result in a bit of 'friendly fire' on teammates or even the user themselves if they move around too much during the storm.

Note that for a full weather controlling character, you can increase their effectiveness by adding other standard powers to their arsenal. this attribute merely fills in some gaps that conventional powers are unable to duplicate.

Weather controllers also gain an EXTINGUISH command on any flames or firecages nearby.


Animation:The animation the character plays when using their weather control powers
Power FX:The effect that accompanies the use of their weather control powers

See the Customisation Guide for an explanation of Commands, FX and Dummy Powers.


Weather Control has several new updates. For one, the accuracy of the hail and lightning storms have been drastically improved, ecspecially for AI vs. AI combat.

Another addition is the Summon Rain command. Using this command summons forth a torrental downpour of water. Everyone caught in the radius of the rain (except the user) has their Speed and Agility lowered -2. Also, there is a chance they will become blinded for 3 seconds for as long as they stay within the radius. Fire Cages, and Flames from the Fire Control Attribute within the radius are destroyed. Characters made of Fire or who are listed in the fireTemplates list (located at the beginning of Weather Control code in will become Power Nulled. Characters made of Water (using the subtype 'liquid' in their m25ai file), or who are amphibious (their names should be in the waterTemplates list located at the beginning of Weather Control code in will become Energized and have the Stun State removed if they're Stunned.

And finally, Weather Controllers can use the wind to lift their allies into the air for flight. This is part of the new Group Flight update also available for Telekinetic, Earth Control and Magnetic. When used, the whirlwind FX will play on the allies of the character and give them buoyancy. They'll automatically stay with the Weather Controller until the Weather Controller uses the Land Group command. The more allies you carry, the slower the group(including the Weather Controller) will move (-1 Speed for every two carried) and also the Weather Controller's Energy will decrease -1 for every ally carried. This is a great new ability for getting the non-flying allies to the battle with the rest of the team, or off the rooftops where they can't get off and join the battle.