Absorb Attacks

By Dr Mike
Buy as: Hex, Power Null, Stun or other offensive attack types.
Intensity effect: None.

Effect: If an absorb attack succeeds, the user gains the material property of the target, e.g. turning to stone if the target is made of stone, metal for metal targets and so on.
Additional effects apply, such as stoen or metal forms gain a boost in strength, frozen or ice forms gain a damaging aura like the OVERHEATED or FROSTBITE attributes. Watch out for hitting cloth targets - they leave you much weaker than usual.
Certain common items have their effective material type overridden, since 99% of all props are metal or stone. Streetlights count as energy, for example, as you absorb the electricty coursing through them, and cars and oil barrels count as fire. You'll discover these items as you play.
Absorb attacks have no effect on Flesh targets. Absorb attacks always succeed against inanimate objects. For custom characters, this means that any attack against an inanimate object will cause the absorption to occur, so be careful with cone attacks on custom characters.

Special Customisations: Its possible to design custom forms to morph into for different material types. Simple create a custom character with the same name followed by a space, open brackets and the material type name, followed by a close brackets. For example, when m-girl uses her absorb attack on a metal target, the game looks for a custom character called m-girl (metal), and will morph her into that form with a whole set of new powers.
its possible to mix these custom forms for some materials with the default behaviour for others.