Body Snatch

By Épiméthée
Buy as: Possession only.
Intensity effect: none

Effect: This is a variant of Possession. With this swap, rather than remaining behind in unhittable state, as with the FFvTTR version of Possession, the source character will disappear when possessing the target and at the end of the possession, he'll reappear just beside the body from which he's been ejected.

Possession with Powers

By TaskMasterX
Buy as: Possession only.
Intensity effect: none

Effect: This works just like the Body Snatch Swap with the added feature of the Possessor acquiring extra Powers during the Possession. You can customize the Powers that the Possessor gets. This can be used to simulate the Possessor bringing over some of his existing Powers from his character to the possessed character, or to simulate the Possessor acquiring new Powers only during a Possession. The Possessor can get up to two Attributes and three Powers. You need to add the swap line in, just like all the other swaps that are in Then the Swap is customized in



Because Possession with Powers is one of the swaps in it will not appear in the FFX Control Center. You’ll need to manually edit the file to add the line for your character’s State Swap. State Swaps are all the way at the bottom of the file. Add the line after the last State Swap but before the last bracket ]. Like this:

Then you’ll edit to customize the Swap.


### Possession with Powers
["possessor","ffqbasiclevitation","supertk","MIND BLAST","possessor_mind_blast","PLASMA GENERATION","possessor_plasma_generation","TELEPORT","possessor_teleportation"],

The first slot is for the character’s name, the next two slots are for Attributes as they are found in the Attributes tab in FFEdit. Next is each of the Power Commands followed by their associated powers as they are found in the Powers or Defense tabs in FFEdit.