By Dr Mike
Buy as: Hex, Power Null, Stun or other offensive attack types.
Intensity effect: HP of the crystal cage
Power bought as...Hit Points
Weaken, Speed Decrease3
Purgatory, Density Max7
Panic, Null, Hex10
Mental Blank33

Effect: If a crystallise attack succeeds, the target gets encased in a crystal prison, or cage of some kind that stops them from moving, but does not stop them from attacking. The state lasts until the crystal is broken - AI's will typically attack the crystal if they can. Its also possible to escape by teleporting out, or being knocked back out of the crystal.

Customisation: The Crystal Template field in FFX Control Centre points to the object template used for the crystal prison.

Modding notes: To make a crystal that looks like your favourite active defence, copy the ffx_crystalprison object in the templates tab. Then copy the effect_ffx_crystalprison effect in the Resources tab, and set it to point to your favourite active defence's core.nif - this will automatically play on the inviisble bounding box mesh of the template.