The new attack types cannot be used properly with Direct, Area or Explosive Projectile attacks. If you wish to give your character a power like this, use one of the following workarounds to simulate it closely enough.

Simulating Area powers

Unfortunately, the FF engine doesn't allow area attacks to use the state-swapping code used in FFX-Squared. However, area attacks can be simulated through swapping the states Empathy, Displace and Cloak with a new attack type, and then buying the related special power to trigger the attack.

For example, to create a Pull area attack (that when triggered will pull all nearby targets towards the character), its possible to buy an Empathy power, name it something sensible like Implode, and then swap emapthy for pull.

When the power is used, it will trigger an area pull attack around the character. The original effect of the power (eg displacing or making the character invisible) is quickly negated. Note that these abilities are not accidentally triggered by other FFX powers that make the character displaced or invisible, eg using GASEOUS FORM will not trigger a displace-based ability - neither will another characters 'phase' attack.

Empathy is cheaper than Displace Image, and so produces a less powerful/easier to resist attack. Cloak of Shadows is the most expensive of the three powers and therefore produces the most powerful effect, but cannot be used in Multiplayer.

Simulating Direct Powers

Buy the power as a beam (possibly penetrating) with a high accuracy, and use one of the 'direct' FX available. These have invisible 'core' meshes, so no beam is actually seen travelling from you to your target, making them look like direct powers.

Simulating Explosive Projectiles

Buy a Limey Lure power and swap limeylure for crystallise, etc, whatever type of damage you want to do. When the 'lure' lands it will detonate an explosion that causes a resistible crystallise/vertigo etc attack, resisted by either mental or mystical defences depending on the type chosen.