Gravity Increase

By Dr Mike
Buy as: Hex, Power Null, Stun or other offensive attack types.
Intensity effect: Amount of mass increase
Power bought as...STR loss per hit
Weaken, Speed Decrease1
Purgatory, Density Max1-2
Panic, Null, Hex1-3
Mental Blank4-12

Effect: If a gravity increase attack succeeds, the target gets heavier (and thus more resistant to knockback), but also loses Strength points. If they drop below zero strength they get pinned to the floor and start taking damage because they've become too heavy to support their own weight.

Their movement speed will decrease proportionally to their current strength, e.g. a character with a speed of 8 and str of 3 will drop to speed of 8*1/3 if their strength drops to 1 due to gravity increase.

The extra mass wears off slowly, and the character can move again once their strength is positive.

The effects of consecutive gravity increase attacks are cumulative, so stronger characters can be brought down by a series of successful attacks, whereas weaker ones may get pinned by a single strong attack.