Life Drain

By Dr Mike
Buy as: Hex, Power Null, Stun or other offensive attack types.
Intensity effect: Amount of health transferred
Power bought as...Base Damage (Total)
Weaken, Speed Decrease2.5 (5)
Purgatory, Density Max3.3 (7.5)
Panic, Null, Hex4 (10)
Freeze4.5 (12.5)
Stun5 (15)
Blind5.5 (16.5)
Stasis6.5 (20.5)
Mental Blank8.5 (40)
Rage9.5 (50)
Hypnosis22 (250)

Effect: A successfull life drain attack will do progressive damage to the target (like acid burn), and cause the user to heal the equivalent damage progressively. Multiple lifedrains can be active on a target from the same user at one time.

Life Drain with Mind Control

By TaskMasterX
The character gets the added bonus of acquiring a MIND_CONTROL command on targets he/she has successfully drained life from to Hypnotize them.


Because Life Drain with Mind Control is one of the swaps in it will not appear in the FFX Control Center. You’ll need to manually edit the file to add the line for your character’s State Swap. State Swaps are all the way at the bottom of the file. Add the line after the last State Swap but before the last bracket ]. Like this: