By Dr Mike
Buy as: Hex, Power Null, Stun or other offensive attack types
Intensity effect: Duration of the mimic state

Effect: A successful Mimc attack turns the user into a player-controlled copy of the target.
When the mimic has shapechanged, they have a REVERT command on themselves, and can use this to turn back to normal, at which point they are free to mimic another character. Getting stunned will also break the mimic state, and cause the character to return to normal.
The mimic's health will remain constant during the transformation, so selecting a bigger character does NOT give you additional hit points. All other powers, including FFX attributes, will copy correctly and work as normal however.

Note that sometimes you'll mimic a character with a blank portrait. You may want to copy your mimc character's portrait over the top of Freedom Force/Data/Art/Library/interface_elements/portrait.tga, and then your character's portrait will appear if the mimicked character doesn't have one!


Mimic can be customised for mods to create special templates that represent the character with their own powers and appearance along with some of the targets powers if desired. This system is yet to be fully tested for FFvTTR.