Ranged Grapple

By TaskMasterX
Buy as: Hex, Power Null, Stun or other offensive attack types, or irresistible types like Energize.
Intensity effect: none

Effect: The Ranged Grapple can be used to simulate a mental, mystical, or physical hold. If you use a Mental State (Blank, Rage, etc.) to swap this for, then the hold will be mental in nature, meaning that the target's mental resistance will be a factor in determining the success and duration of the hold against the grappler's "Hold Strength", the same goes for swapping this for a Mystical State (Hex, Blind, etc.). To make this a Physical hold, like Plastic Man's stretching arms, or Blacklash's Whips, or Wonder Woman's Lasso, use Energy Surge, or Energize as the state to swap. If the hold is physical then the code will check if the target has any Active Defenses against Crushing attacks activated and, if so, cancel the grapple. I also added in a Density State so you can simulate an Energy-type hold, like an Energy Vortex, or Energy Bubble, and targets with resistance vs. Energy will have a greater chance to break free of such holds. I added the Freeze State to be swapped, too, but this acts like a physical hold and uses the targetís Strength to determine if they can break free of the ice, but the damage caused will be Cold so the targetís Resistance to Cold will be a factor in determining how much damage they take and, because the Freeze State is considered a Cold attack, the initial attack might be resisted if the target has resistance to cold.
During the hold, both the target and grappler are locked in place. The Energy Cost of the Grapple depends on the Strengths of the Grappler and the Target. The stronger or more resistant the target is compared to the grapplerís Strength, the more Energy it takes to hold him. The target doesnít recharge energy (they are concentrating on breaking the hold) and the targetís agility is decreased by -3 and grappler's agility is lowered to 1 due to the grappler concetrating on maintaining the hold and not dodging attacks. Also, the Ranged Grapple has a duration of 9 seconds. After the 9 seconds are up, or if the target breaks the hold, stats are returned to normal and both can move. The grappler is able to move or use another power during the hold, but doing so will cancel the hold. Also, if the grappler or target is KOed, or the grappler comes under the influence of Primary or Secondary State, or if the grappler is injured (the grappler takes more damage than his invulnerable attribute can protect against), or if the target or grappler is somehow knocked back from another attack, the hold will cancel.



Because Ranged Grapple is one of the swaps in ffx2.py it will not appear in the FFX Control Center. Youíll need to manually edit the ffxcustom.py file to add the line for your characterís State Swap. State Swaps are all the way at the bottom of the ffxcustom.py file. Add the line after the last State Swap but before the last bracket ]. Like this:

Then youíll edit ffxcustom2.py to customize the Swap.


### Ranged Grapple Custom Damage
["types","OFX","PUse Current Strength","iHold Strength","sPower"],
["stretchy", "effect_tangle_arm","Yes",0,"Yes"],

The example above shows stretchy is the hero file name, with the effect_tangle_arm FX playing on the target. The Hold Strength is 0 because the Use Current Strength is set to "Yes" and finally, this grapple causes Damage.