Ranged Grapple Custom Damage

By TaskMasterX
Buy as: Hex, Power Null, Stun or other offensive attack types, or irresistible types like Energize.
Intensity effect: none

Effect: This swap works almost exactly like the Ranged Grapple, but instead of inflicting a specific amount of damage, it triggers a Power from FFEdit on the target every few seconds while they are being held. This way you can do any kind of damage or state you like, Acid, Electrical, Radiation, Energy Leech, Mental Blank etc.



Because Ranged Grapple is one of the swaps in ffx2.py it will not appear in the FFX Control Center. You’ll need to manually edit the ffxcustom.py file to add the line for your character’s State Swap. State Swaps are all the way at the bottom of the ffxcustom.py file. Add the line after the last State Swap but before the last bracket ]. Like this:

Then you’ll edit ffxcustom2.py to customize the Swap.


### Ranged Grapple Custom Damage
["types","OFX","PUse Current Strength","iHold Strength","sPower"],

The example above shows leecher is the hero file name, with the effect_ffx_tanglewire FX playing on the target. The Hold Strength is 5 because the Use Current Strength is set to "No" and finally, and the power in FFEdit that gets triggered is called ffx_energy_leech.