By Stumpy
Buy as: Energise, Energy Surge, Speed Increase, Rally the Troops, Cloak or Displace
Intensity effect: Duration of shield?

Effect: Places an Active Defense Power on a target. The name of the AD along with the name of the character is placed in FFX_SHIELD_POWERS list located at the beginning of the Guardian code in

You can now have a character with more than one Shield if you create a different carrier for each. To do so requires editing the FFX_REMOTEAD_CUSTOM list in the file.

Each line of the list is as follows.
["character","carrier power","shield power"]
  • character is the character's name.
  • carrier power is the power to be swapped for a shield when it hits a target.
  • shield power is the FFEdit name of the shield power to activate.

  • The following example is the FFX_REMOTEAD_CUSTOM list for a character named "body guard" who has two shield powers, one to defend allies against energy attack and one to defend allies against physical attacks. The 'physical shield' power is an energize beam swapped to 'ffx_physical_defense', an active defence against crushing and piercing damage. The 'energy shield' power is an speed increase beam swapped to 'ffx_energy_block', an active defence against energy, fire, electrical and radiation damage.
    ["default","mentor Tractor Beam","alchemiss Deflection Shield"],
    ["body guard","physical shield","ffx_physical_defense"],
    ["body guard","energy shield","ffx_energy_block"],