Ripped from the Knockout Gas Swap
by TaskMasterX
Buy as: Limey Lure, Hex, Power Null, Stun or other offensive attack types.
Intensity effect: Length of unconsciousness


Similar to Knockout Gas Swap. Doesn’t work against Robots (a "robot" is either a specific template or is defined by the character's voice ID; cf., under mechs=() for customisation) or Zombies and has no gas cloud FX. Fliers will fall to the ground.

Note: To approximate the visual feedback available with built-in disabling effects, the victim suffers from power nullification for the duration. This also allows you to cure the character by spending a hero point or by using a secondary-state curing power.


Because Sleep is one of the swaps in it will not appear in the FFX Control Center. You’ll need to manually edit the file to add the line for your character’s State Swap. State Swaps are all the way at the bottom of the file. Add the line after the last State Swap but before the last bracket ]. Like this: