By Dr Mike
Buy as: Hex, Power Null, Stun or other offensive attack types, or irresistible types like Speed Increase.
Intensity effect: Height of the teleport jump (and consequently falling damage)

Effect: Teleport attacks create a temporary warp gate around the target when successful, causing them to re-appear higher up and at a random horizontal offset, where they will fall and take damage.

For built-in characters (like Microwave), this attack affects props as well, teleporting them up into the air above the nearest enemy, or at random if there are no enemies clsoe to the object.
Due to limitations of the scripting system, built-ins cannot use teleport attacks on objects, but can buy the BULK TELEPORTER attribute to get custom commands to do so.


The Teleport FX slot in FFX Control Centre allows you to choose a teleportation effect to play on the character as they teleport.