By TaskMasterX
Buy as: Limey Lure, Hex, Power Null, Stun or other offensive attack types, or irresistible types like Speed Increase.
Intensity effect: Duration of the transmutated state. 6 seconds for hex, up to 60 seconds for hypnosis.

Effect: Transmute attacks turn the target into something else, temporarily.
Unlike the built-in Object Lesson power, the transmuted target can be injured, and will return to their (KO'd) normal self if KO'd. If the character is turned into another character rather than an object, the character will fight on the side of the user.


The 'transmute type' box in FFX COntrol Centre controls the type of object that the target turns into. If a character or object template is specified here, the target will always turn into that type of object.
If the name entered is not a valid template, then a function is called with the name getTransmute[name], which takes the target object as an argument and returns a template to turn them into, or ' ' if the target cannot be transmuted.

For example, Pan's entry is dionysian. This means that the following function gets called in

#special function for pan's transmutations
def getTransmutedionysian(target):
    if gender==FFX_GENDER_FEMALE:
        return ('bacchite_red','bacchite_green','bacchite_silver')[randint(0,2)]
    if gender==FFX_GENDER_MALE:
        return 'manbull'
    return ''

Females (as determined by voice ID) become a random coloured Bacchite, and males become a man-bull. Other characters (animals, robots and aliens) are unaffected by his magic.
Other special types are elemental which turns the target into a random humanoid object of various material types, and bizarre which chooses at random from eight unlikely props. Modders can thus use this for a variety of interesting affects.