FFX Tool - M25 AI Generator

This one's a miracle! Choose your playable heroes, customs or built-ins, and take them into this mission. You'll see some messages appear in the Status Text, saying that the game is generating AI for each template.
Once it's finished, the mission ends.

Under the hood, this level has added entries to your ffx3/missions/scripts/m25aidata.py file, and scanned the characters powers and created AI routines for them to best use their powers. This acts as a great basis for creating custom AI for mod characters, and you'll also find that the next time you fight these characters as enemies in the Rumble Room they'll use their powers much more effectively!

Highly advised for any character you wish to play as an enemy regularly - they'll use all types of powers and FFX attributes in the right circumstances - holding off on explosive projectiles when allies are close, using beneficial powers on teammates, targetting characters susceptible to their attacks, and so on.


FFX Tool - Power ID Generator

This is a utility for modders - it updates the list of power IDs required to make FFX attack types like crystallise and vertigo work correctly for builtin characters, and writes out the file ffxpowerids.py.

You need to run this after you make changes to the Powers database, either by adding or deleting powers from the Powers Tab in FFEdit, or adding or deleting defences from the Defences Tab. The characters you take in don't matter, just let it run for about 20 seconds, and it will inform you when the process is done and that it is writing out the file. This pregeneration of power IDs makes these special attacks much more reliable for built-ins.

If you're only making custom characters you DON'T need to run this level ever.

Note: This mode also automatically runs the "ChangeAreaMeleeRanges" fix on every custom and builtin character.


FFX Tool - EZScript Caption Generator

This is a utility for EZ Script modders - it generates captions for all stories in the Mod Name\stories folder. Hopefully, this will make it easier for people to see the full effect of EZ script missions.