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Skirmish X Angles

By Kuertee


fSkXResolveAngle(tiAngle, tiMax = 360)

fSkXGetAngle(taPoint1, taPoint2, tsAxis = "heading")

fSkXGetDistance(taPoint1, taPoint2, tsPlane = "heading")

fSkXGetPointInBetween(taPoint1, taPoint2)



fSkXGetPointFromVector(taPoint, tiAngle, tiDistance, tsAxis = "heading")

fSkXGetIntersectionFromPoints(taPoint1, taPoint2, taPoint3, taPoint4)

fSkXEmxPbGetMB(taPoint1, taPoint2)

fSkXEmxPb(taPoint1, taPoint2, tiX = '', tiY = '')

fSkXGetAngleOfSegment(tiTotal, tiSegment, tiAngle = 360)

fSkXGetQuadrantOfPointFromPoint(ttPos, ttPos2)

fSkXGetNearestSideToPoint(ttPos, ttBoundingBox)

fSkXGetClosestSideToPoint(ttPos, ttBoundingBox)

This is simply an alias to fSkXGetNearestSideToPoint()

fSkXSubtractAngles(tiA, tiA2)

fSkXSubAngles(tiA, tiA2)

This is simply an alias to fSkXSubtractAngles()

fSkXAddAngles(tiA, tiA2)