Three new optional rules have been introduced into Freedom Force X, thanks to popular demand from the FF forums. These rules can all be activated or deactivated individually through the checkboxes on the Control Centre.

Disable Player AI

Stops player characters from behaving autonomously when not selected. (NOT TOO SURE IF THIS WORKS!)

Clone Commands

If this rule is activated, characters with a Clone Self power get TARGET commands on other characters to set their clones on them, and a GATHER command on themselves to draw the clones near to them.

Strength vs.stasis/Freeze

This rule applies to any character in stasis or frozen - if they have a strength of 7 or greater they stand a chance of snapping out of the stasis early. The stronger they are, the more likely they are to be able to do this.

Frozen Characters take Damage

Characters in the FROZEN state will take small amounts of damage due to the intense cold, unless they are made from ice. To compensate, the duration of freezing gets lowered a bit by this rule.
Note that this rule is automatically turned off for the Nuclear Winter levels now, regardless of whats selected here.

No Minimum Range

Reduces the minimum distance at which ranged attacks can be used, so they can effectively be used at point blank range if this is ticked.

Increase STUN %age

Modifies the rate at which stun percentage increases per power level, allowing stun %ages up to 100% for level 5 powers. This cna be useful for setting up carrier attacks and so forth.

Overspend EP w/ Stun Risk

Checking this box allows player characters to risk spending energy points they can't afford, with the risk of stunning themselves, just like in the original Freedom Force.
If this is checked, LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH costing energy attacks appear as costing one bar less of energy in the in-game menu, and can be used when the character has up to one bar less of energy than they need to execute the attack. (It does lead to a bit of confusiona s to which powers are zero or low cost, incidentally, but can lead to edgier gameplay overall.)
Similarly, FFX powers that cost energy will allow the character to overspend and stun themselves if this box is checked. If not, the power will merely fail to activate if there isn't enough energy available.